Audio Samples

Acoustic Guitar

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Pipe Organ with Church Choir, France

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Spoken Word - Radio Voiceover

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Vibes (Vibraphone)

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A Capella Vocal Ensemble

Metal Guitar

Girl Blue Vocal

  • Arielle O'Keefe, AKA "Girl Blue", performs a set with an Austin Model 1 in a radio interview at WSPN 91.1
  • Courtesy of Alex at Longbow Media.


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    • Two DIY Austin Mics built from the plans using the MODEL 1 transformers
    • Set-up as a separated pair, bass notes on the right, treble notes on the left
    • Recorded by Mat Binggeli in the band room at Clackamas Community College. 128KBPS MP3
    • Played by Clackamas Music Tech Department Head, Brian Rose, "just noodling around."

    String Quartet

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    • Two separate DIY Austin Ribbon Microphones recording a string quartet in a rehearsal room. That's it.
    • Again, recorded by Mat Binggeli at Clakamas Community College
    • Made from scratch using the plans and a MODEL 1 transformer, with no audio processing.
    • Listen to the definition of the instruments. It sounds like you are right there in the audience!

    Wind Ensemble Orchestra

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    • Again, a True Blumlein™ Austin Ribbon Mic with Cinemag Transformers
    • Featuring a rehearsal of the Pomerado Community Wind Ensemble from Poway, CA
    • Made in a Middle-School music rehearsal room with about 45 people playing in the ensemble
    • The mic was placed on a stand directly behind the conductor's head. You can hear his cues.
    • Recorded directly into a Korg D3200, through its own on-board preamps

    Vocal and Stand-up Bass

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    • Vocals and stand-up Bass recorded with a MODEL 2 Austin Mic.
    • Engineered by Keith Compton, who says: Sonically it hangs in there with a Royer 121... Mine has a little better top end.
    • The mic was a little higher than the bridge, kind of over the F hole
    • "Motel Misery" Courtesy of Ryan Murphey

    Another Acoustic Guitar

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    • Made with a DIY ribbon mic made from the plans, and a Lundahl transformer
    • Courtesy of Don Harris